Buying our Polaris was like a shot in the arm for my husband. John F. had a stroke in April of 2020 that left him partially paralyzed on his right side of his body(his dominant side. He worked hard to get back to his normal self but will never be 100%. Our old Polaris was like an extension of his body- he drove it almost every day. Our older Polaris was wearing out and we needed to make some changes to help John F enjoy driving again but put extras to make it safer( example: power steering, roof, hard doors). They equipped our Polaris the way we wanted it and delivered it to us in a quick turnaround. My husband looked like the kid that got a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. He drives it a little almost every day! Thank you for giving my husband a little of his independence back! (Employee: Ramond Mathis)
Jane Lovell
All of us here at Polaris of Ruston appreciate your kind words. We are so happy we could help him and you. We value your business and are here to help in anyway. Please let us know at any time anything we can do for you. Thank you very much!!

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